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Lt. G.P. Gordy- 3RD Georgia Cavalry

Lt. G.P. Gordy- 3RD Georgia Cavalry

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This handkerchief was carried by Lt. Gilbert Perry Gordy, 3rd Georgia Cavalry "Chattahoochee Rangers."  The 3rd Georgia Cavalry fought in many of the war's western campaigns, including New Haven, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Atlanta, skirmishes in northern Alabama and Georgia, and the Carolinas campaign in 1865. 

Lt. Gordy was wounded in the fighting around Atlanta and died of his wounds on October 14, 1864.  The original handkerchief was in the pocket of his frock coat when the frock coat was donated to Chattahoochee County by Gordy's daughter.  Wrapped in the handkerchief was the bullet that is believed to have caused the wound that ultimately killed Gordy.  Our reproduction measures 22x18 and is made of 100% cotton cloth.  

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