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Mother of Pearl, Vintage button cards
3/8" Rimmed 2 hole (Blue card) (C-2)

Mother of Pearl, Vintage button cards

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Size & Style
3/8" rimmed (Purple card)(C-3)
1/4 fisheye (Doll and Baby Size) (C-4)
5/16" 2 hole (C-5)
Millions of "Mother of  Pearl" or "Shell" buttons were produced in the 19th century. From about 1850 machines using tubular saws and other mass-production devices replaced hand work in the manufacture of MOP buttons. Shells were softened and pressed into molds or drilled and engraved. Many beautiful, highly decorated buttons were made by skilled artisans both here and abroad. 

We are pleased to offer antique cards of Mother of Pearl buttons. These buttons range from 1/4" (Doll & Baby size) to 3/8" (Shirt size) and are priced from $3.00 to 5.00 per card. 

Card styles may vary from images.

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