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Playing Cards, Reproduction 1840-1860 "Highlander"

Playing Cards, Reproduction 1840-1860 "Highlander"

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Playing Cards Civil War Style. Poker Deck.

Reproduction "Hilghlander" Deck . Originally produced circa 1840 to 1860

Lewis I. Cohen made his first deck of cards in 1832. In 1835 Mr Cohen invented a new machine to print four colors on a sheet at once, which was to revolutionize the entire playing card industry. This innovation soon led to his dominance in the market. In 1838 he moved to 118 William Street and in 1844 purchased a large building at 184-190 William St., to house his newly expanded plant. At the same time he relocated his store to 134 William St. Meanwhile Lewis Cohen gave control of his firm to his son Solomon L. Cohen and his nephew John M. Lawrence. On Lewis Cohen's death in 1860 the company changed to Lawrence, Cohen & Co. and in 1864 to Lawrence & Cohen.

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