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Fabric Covered Buttons
Black silk buttons

Fabric Covered Buttons

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We have a variety of shank lengths in most sizes. In order to serve you most reliably, we ask that you indicate if the buttons are to be functional or decorative so that we may chose an appropriate back. If no option is chosen the longer shank will be provided.

Fabric covered buttons were extremely popular during the mid 19th century. We find them on many pieces of existing clothing, including numerous women's dresses and wrappers, men's civilian coats and even a dressing gown worn by Jefferson Davis. We can see them clearly in thousands of images of the time. Black velvet is the most common button mentioned in Godey's Ladies Magazine in 1863. Black silk buttons were most common on men's civilian frock coats and vests.

We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles from 16L (3/8") to 60L (1 1/2") in Black silk, linen, black velvet and more.

Our buttons are produced one at a time on a 19th century button covering machine using new and vintage parts.

Pad (Canvas) shanks available in various sizes in both black and white.

Please inquire for other color choices, custom buttons

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