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Spencerian Copy Books, Reprints
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Spencerian Copy Books, Reprints

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Spencerian Copy Books

These books describe the teaching methods used in the days of beautiful penmanship.This theory. consists of the forms of letters and method of making them from only a few basic strokes called "Principles". 

Choose from level 1 to 5. Each volume contains 24 pages for copying and instructions.

Save 10%: Purchase all 5 volumes for just $22.50

Level 1 - Basic strokes used in forming some of the lower case letters. 

Level 2 - Additional strokes used in forming some of the lower case letters and short words to copy. Introduction of the tall letters "t" and "d". 

Level 3 - This volume finishes the lower case alphabet and introduces the student to the upper case letters. 

Level 4 - The student is taught to combine letters into longer words using both loer and upper case letters

Level 5 - Short sentences and phrases to copy utilizing all letters.  

Tutorial of Spencerian Theory  book also available.

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